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Mission Vision & Core Pillars


The CAST mission is to reinvent schooling to maximize options for students, while preparing them for the jobs of the future. By partnering with CAST Schools, business leaders have the opportunity to play a direct role in the career readiness of students and provide mentorship to help students seamlessly transition into college or the workforce, while nurturing a homegrown and committed source of talent.




Industry and other community leaders are equal stakeholders in school design and governance; they collaborate and work alongside students and co-create everything from projects to school curriculum and schedule.


As a community, we help all students reach their full potential. Our schools are intentionally diverse and integrated, and our enrollment practices create schools that reflect the communities we serve. We use data to drive continuous improvement and to ensure that every child’s needs are seen and met.

Youth Voice and Agency

Students act as co-creators and co-problem solvers at the school and beyond, offering ideas, posing new questions and authentically engaging in their education. Student-led learning promotes effective collaboration, development of leadership skills and the development of self-management, goal setting, self-advocacy, and student agency.

Authentic Learning

Student learning is connected to real-world needs outside the school walls; students travel to the workplace and design relevant projects for real audiences, with competitions, presentations, and other authentic exhibitions of learning.




The CAST network is envisioned as a minimum of 10 high schools strategically located in different sectors of the San Antonio region, each with a clear focus and a connection to real-world external partners. Each school will partner with an area independent school district as well as a teacher-preparing institution and be guided by a board of industry professionals and other partners. The network itself is a nonprofit overseen by a board with representation from the partner schools’ advisory committees. In addition to high schools, the CAST Network is exploring downward expansion through the academy model, beginning with the Advanced Learning Academy. This partnership is designed to understand how to best prepare pre-K through 8thgrade students to be successful in rigorous, interdisciplinary high schools like the CAST Schools.




Committed to providing every student with an educational experience that sets them up for their futures, CAST Promises:

  • To expose students to multiple careers through job-shadowing, internships and paid job opportunities.
  • To connect students with industry partners who act as mentors and motivators and who can help students map a pathway to their dream career.
  • To position students to take advantage of up to two years of college credit to reduce the burden and cost of a college education.
  • To prepare students who will enter the workforce qualified to compete for jobs in high-demand, high-wage job markets.
  • To guarantee each student a job interview upon graduation.
  • To listen to student voice and feedback to ensure that we’re delivering on our promises.